• Ultraman Zero: The Chronicles

    1 season

    Son of the legendary Ultra Seven, rookie Ultraman Zero receives rigid training from his master Ultraman Leo on his way to becoming a qualified fighter. When his homeland, the Land of Light is threatened by a troop of monsters and aliens headed by the evil Ultraman Belial young Ultraman Zero rises...

  • Death Kappa

    The kappa, in Japanese folklore, are water goblins that are closely associated with a certain town in the country. Unfortunately, the area is also home to a militant splinter group of researchers dedicated to developing amphibious super soldiers based on the kappa of legends. When their experimen...

  • Outerman

    In this Tokusatsu parody a huge earthquake shook Japan which led to the dramatic appearance of the real Outerman. Could it really be him? He certainly looked the part and spoke like a superhero too. Here was the man to clean up the world's mess. It was the news we had been waiting for: The Outerm...

  • Little Big Soldier

    An old soldier kidnaps a young general of an enemy state and takes him on a long journey to collect the reward.

  • War of the Arrows

    Set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea, Nam Yi, the best archer in Korea, goes up against the Qing Dynasty to save his younger sister Ja In - who was dragged away by Manchurian.

    Genre: Action, History

  • Mirrorman
    1 season


    1 season

    A race of invaders known only asĀ The InvadersĀ are planning to invade Earth and it is up to Kagami Koutaro, a.k.a. Mirrorman and Science Guard Members SGM0 to stop them. Whenever Koutaro runs into trouble, he looks into a reflective surface and transforms into Mirrorman, son of 2nd and 3rd Dimensi...

  • Kite: Liberator


    Years after the events that transpired in Kite, Sawa's whereabouts are a mystery. During this time, rumors of a new killer have begun to circulate the city. They call her the Angel of Death, an unfeeling assassin who eliminates her targets with grace and precision, leaving only a flurry of feathe...

  • Gridman
    1 season


    1 season

    Three computer-savvy kids, Naoto, Yuka and Ippei created their own videogame superhero, but then discover it possessed by an inter-dimensional police officer, Gridman. Pursuing an evil program called Kahn Digifer, he merges with Naoto and fights Kahn Digifer's digitized monsters (created by socia...

  • The Chronicle of a Tai Chi Master

    1 season

    The story of a frivolous young man who later transforms into a Taichi grand master, yet the story is more complicated than that involving a nation's struggle, a fighter's honor and a family's pride.

    Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Drama
    Year: 2017
    Stars: Kevin Cheng, Tina Tang, Ying Hao ...