Green Green

Green Green

12 Episodes

Kanenone Academy was an all-boys high school isolated from the world by mountains and hills. Yusuke Takasaki, the average 11th grader, led a normal life in the academy until the academy announced attempting for co-ed, and high-school girls were being transferred for the summer semester.

Genre: Anime
Year: 2003
Country: Japan

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Green Green
  • Hearts Pounding Deep in the Mountains

    Episode 1

  • You Are Busted

    Episode 2

    The girls are dismayed at the antics of the Baka Trio and the spartan facilities at Kanenone, but are cheered up when they discover the place boasts an outdoor hot spring.

  • Lost in the Forest

    Episode 3

    Outraged over a prank pulled on her by the Baka Trio, Futaba decides to leave Kanenone for home. In her search for a short cut to the bus stop, she gets lost in the surrounding forest and injures her ankle.

  • Commotion in the Girls Dorm

    Episode 4

    Futaba realizes she is starting to develop feelings for Yuusuke. Midori notices this and confronts Yuusuke about Futaba. That evening, the Baka Trio (and a reluctant Yuusuke) attempt to break into the girls' dormitory while the girls are asleep.

  • Instant Sleep in the Nurse's Office

    Episode 5

    Sanae misplaces her medicine box, but Yuusuke helps her find it. His good deed is seen and misinterpreted by Reika, who decides to try to bring the two together; and by a jealous Tazio.

  • A Steamy Time in the P.E. Equipment Room

    Episode 6

    Midori and Yuusuke are assigned to scout for locations for a school affair. Midori decides to treat the assignment as a date, and gets Reika to promise not to interfere.

  • Splish-Splash by the Pool

    Episode 7

  • Morning Bath Free-for-All

    Episode 8

    Alone in the outdoor bath, Reika delivers a surveillance report on Midori and her attempts to attract the interest of Yuusuke. Soon after "signing off", she is joined by Chigusa and the rest of the girls.

  • Hightailing It out of the Test of Courage

    Episode 9

    Chigusa organizes a late-night "test of courage", with the boys and girls pairing off. To Midori's dismay, Yuusuke draws Futaba as his partner. Reika sees this as an opportunity to bring Yuusuke and Futaba closer.

  • Pandemonium In the Library

    Episode 10

    After a failed examination, Chigusa assigns Yuusuke to tutor Midori in the hope of bringing her grades up. As an incentive, she tells Midori that Yuusuke will give her a reward if her test results are above average.

  • Overwhelmed by Destiny

    Episode 11

    Although Midori and Yuusuke are overjoyed at finding each other again, their unexpected reunion distresses Reika, Futaba, and the Baka Trio for very different reasons.

  • Farewell Kanenone Gakuen Academy

    Episode 12

    Confused by the memories of his past life and wary of going against fate, Yuusuke decides it is better for him and Midori to remain separated. Upset by Yuusuke's choice, Midori runs off.