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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Hightailing It out of the Test of Courage

Season 1, Episode 9 • 24m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Pandemonium In the Library

    After a failed examination, Chigusa assigns Yuusuke to tutor Midori in the hope of bringing her grades up. As an incentive, she tells Midori that Yuusuke will give her a reward if her test results are above average.

  • Overwhelmed by Destiny

    Although Midori and Yuusuke are overjoyed at finding each other again, their unexpected reunion distresses Reika, Futaba, and the Baka Trio for very different reasons.

  • Farewell Kanenone Gakuen Academy

    Confused by the memories of his past life and wary of going against fate, Yuusuke decides it is better for him and Midori to remain separated. Upset by Yuusuke's choice, Midori runs off.