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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Up Next in Season 1

  • Men's Hearts Were Swaying

    The conflict continues when two new assassins arrive, takes the form of Jiyu's new teachers. They challenge her to a duel but is badly defeated, but Bantaro is injured during their fight.

  • The Road Of No Return

    Bantaro was cured by Shiro's mother. As things begin back to normal, Hajime appears and asks Shiro to join their clan; Shiro explains that he has no intentions of doing so, but Hajime reminds him that he knows Shiro has a longing to fight Jubei II and lea.

  • The Enemy Brought A Memory With Them

    Mikage and her husband are requested to defeat Jubei II, they kidnap both Sai and Koinosuke in order to force Jiyu to give up the Eyepatch in exchange for the hostages. When Mikage puts on the Eyepatch, though, it starts burning her.