Watch this video and more on TOKU

Watch this video and more on TOKU

Up Next in Season 1

  • The Enemy Brought A Memory With Them

    Mikage and her husband are requested to defeat Jubei II, they kidnap both Sai and Koinosuke in order to force Jiyu to give up the Eyepatch in exchange for the hostages. When Mikage puts on the Eyepatch, though, it starts burning her.

  • My Next Enemy Is Yesterday's Ally

    In order to release Jiyu from the burden of becoming Yagyu Jubei and being targeted by the Ryujoji, Shiro challenges her to a duel. Later, Jiyu meets a Ryujoji assassin, he explains their 300-year-old grudge and goal to her.

  • She Had Grasped The Secret Before She...

    Jubei II defeats the assassins. Afterward, Shiro and Jubei II engage in a duel, he cuts off the Eyepatch, but as soon as Jiyu returns to her normal self, she collapses. Bantaro takes her to a doctor while Hajime attacks Shiro, and takes the Eyepatch.