Juden Chan

Juden Chan

12 Episodes

Plug is a "Jūden-chan" or "Charger Girl" from a dimension parallel to Earth's own. Her job is to find humans in our dimension that are depressed, transform into her rubber suit, and charge them up to revitalize their energy.

Genre: Anime, Comedy
Year: 2009
Stars: Hiroko Konishi, Keiji Fujiwara
Directors: Shinichir Kimura
Country: Japan

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Juden Chan
  • Plug In
    Episode 1

    Plug In

    Episode 1

    On the way to find the main charging target, Juden chan, or better known as "Plug," met a college student named Sendo. She explains that her job is to give people energy when they feel as if they have none.

  • Timing
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Plug has to aware of the people who have already been charged. Some are becoming depressed again.

  • Lock On
    Episode 3

    Lock On

    Episode 3

    Aresta reports to the section manager about Plug's inability to pass the test, resulting in a reduction of her pay as punishment.

  • Iono Crisis

    Episode 4

    Hakone's friend Iono comes to see Sendo, however he becomes extremely cautious.

  • Countercurrent

    Episode 5

    Neodymium Company, part of Juden-chan's division took a hit from the latest accient.

  • Happening
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Summer's finally here! Sento, Iono, and Hakone head to the beach! But why is Plug and Alester joining them?

  • Maid in Arresta

    Episode 7

    A bug with new model suits became apparent when searching for the juden target causing injury onto Plug's arm.

  • Craziness and Kindness

    Episode 8

    After spending time behing hospitalized Plug finally returns back to work, opting out of rehab.

  • Special Audit Division, Special Cases Section

    Episode 9

    Plug is fully recovered and has been overzealously trying to work overtime to make up for her absence at work.

  • Present!?
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    With Christmas coming around, Juden and her company have been especially busy, as the number increases exponentially around this season.

  • Watch Out! Discharger Girl!

    Episode 11

    According to Hoden-chan, the captain of the Juden Division 2 section said that there has been a surge of energy.

  • Fight! One Shot!

    Episode 12

    A rising scene of precaustion starts to surround Hoden-chan, meanwhile Plug and aresta decide not to be seen by Sento.