Watch this video and more on TOKU

Watch this video and more on TOKU

Date? Versus Chaste


Up Next in Season 1

  • Love Letter Versus Rhapsody

    Kaoru discovers a love letter for her and is now in a predicament, whether to confess her true feelings or expose her true gender. So Akiharu and the boys try to give her their own excellent advice.

  • Lady Versus Lady!!!

    Having another usual day of butler duties, Pina then gives Akiharu passport tickets to a special waterpark "Try Aqualand" as a gift. Tomomi and Selenia confront each other about their affection for Akiharu. Principal Kaede announces the annual sports day, so the girls use it as an opportunity to ...

  • Lady Versus Battle!

    Racing through the sport match, the game begins to reach its climax between Selenia and Tomomi.