Princess Princess

Princess Princess

12 Episodes

Tooru transfers to an all-boys school and receives a warm welcome. Little did he know, his classmates had nominated him for the academy's "Princess System." He must dress as a girl at school events in order to lighten the stolid masculine atmosphere.

Princess Princess
  • The All Boys School Princesses

    Episode 1

    Toru Kouno is joining a new all-boys school in the middle of the semester. As soon as he arrives, he sees a beautiful girl, who is running from students calling her "Princess".

  • A Princess is Born

    Episode 2

    Toru, Yuujirou, and Mikoto are summoned to the Student Council, where the Student Council members are all introduced to Toru by the president, Arisada. The president presents to Toru all the benefits of becoming a princess – after hearing which, Toru readily accepts to be a princess.

  • The First Job, Princess Cheerleader

    Episode 3

    The three Princesses are to cheer for all the clubs, for the local preliminaries. Arisada also tells them that they are all to go for cheering all the clubs which win the preliminaries (and also those which go ahead and win the national finals) or the princess benefits will be cut - Arisada has g...

  • Yuujirou's Past

    Episode 4

    Summer vacation has arrived, and Yuujirou and Toru stay behind in the dorms to talk about their pasts as Mikoto leaves to spend time with his girlfriend, Megumi.

  • Stalked Princesses

    Episode 5

    Even though it is summer, the Princesses still have to cheer for sports teams and other clubs. Even Mikoto is called back for Princess work. As the princesses get ready, Sakamoto also accompanies them. As they are moving about, Toru has the creepy feeling that the Princesses are being watched.

  • Sakamoto's Family Secret!

    Episode 6

    Finally getting some free time, Toru and Yuujirou start with their summer homework. But they find some problems difficult to solve and so decide to go to Sakamoto's house to ask him for help (Sakamoto had invited them over earlier). they are also hopeful of meeting the famous older "Sakamoto-sama".

  • A Chorus Concert with Sweat Tears

    Episode 7

    The Princesses have to put on a song and dance opening act for the choir group at their school, but there is one small problem: Mikoto cannot sing. During practice, Toru meets his cousin, who wants him to come back and marry her.

  • The Princesses' Existence Endangered

    Episode 8

    The director of the board who is in charge of the school comes to visit after inheriting the position from his father and is shocked to find out about the Princess system. So shocked, that he seeks to remove the system entirely.

  • The School Festival Starts!

    Episode 9

    The school's cultural festival has finally started and the Princesses are hard at work once again. During the festival, Yuujirou's family comes to visit.

  • Lovers' Time

    Episode 10

    Mikoto's girlfriend, Megumi, and his older sister, Makoto, come to visit him at school during the cultural festival, and things do not go exactly as planned.

  • Secret Past
    Episode 11

    Secret Past

    Episode 11

    With the school festival over, things are supposed to get back to normal, but then strange things start happening to Yuujirou.

  • The Path a Princess Chooses

    Episode 12

    The chase continues to find out what Sayaka is doing at Toru's school, and later Toru has to decide if he wants to stay at the school or go back home. In the end, he decides to stay.