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Watch this video and more on TOKU

The All Boys School Princesses

Season 1, Episode 1 • 27m

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  • A Princess is Born

    Toru, Yuujirou, and Mikoto are summoned to the Student Council, where the Student Council members are all introduced to Toru by the president, Arisada. The president presents to Toru all the benefits of becoming a princess – after hearing which, Toru readily accepts to be a princess.

  • The First Job, Princess Cheerleader

    The three Princesses are to cheer for all the clubs, for the local preliminaries. Arisada also tells them that they are all to go for cheering all the clubs which win the preliminaries (and also those which go ahead and win the national finals) or the princess benefits will be cut - Arisada has g...

  • Yuujirou's Past

    Summer vacation has arrived, and Yuujirou and Toru stay behind in the dorms to talk about their pasts as Mikoto leaves to spend time with his girlfriend, Megumi.