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Number Ten

Rio: Rainbow Gate, Season 1, Episode 11 – 26m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Speculation

    After publicly announcing the terms of the Gate Battle, Howard takes Rio and the others on vacation to an island town to relax before the battle. While looking for Rio, Mint meets an old man, who explains Rio used to come to this place with Rina and Risa when she was young.

  • Rainbow Gate

    Rina gains a huge advantage over Rio, managing to lead 14-0. However, Rio soon starts to make her comeback, and as the two put their Roll Rulers to the test, the Gates start to glow. With the game tied 14–14, Rio takes Rina and Joker into her Roll Ruler world, where secrets cannot be hidden.

  • Let's Happy and Day Dream

    A brisk wind blows one of Yang-Yang's talismans which turns Choco into human form again. Choco decides she wants to earn money so she can buy Mint a camera for her birthday.