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Rio: Rainbow Gate, Season 1, Episode 7 – 26m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Ace

    In order to save Rina, Rio has to guess which hand King will have a coin in after he flips it, not made easy by Rio's fatigue and King's history as a con artist. However, Rio sees through his strategy of destroying the coin, and picks one a hand that's guaranteed to be empty.

  • Joker

    As a result of Rio's defeat, Cartia takes control of the Howard Resort and remakes it into the Goldschmidt Kingdom, leaving Howard with only the Sky Resort which is left floating in the sea.

  • Reverse

    Rio and Dana follow her ferret, Chip, to a casino where the mysterious Joker is holding Howard captive. She challenges Rio to a game of blackjack in order for her to escape her Roll Ruler, which forces them into a draw at every play.