Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

52 Episodes

In the distant future, humanity has explored beyond Earth and colonized both the inner and outer planets of the Solar System. In order to protect the colonies and maintain law and order in the solar system, the Earth Federation Government (EFG) was created. Soon, many settlers started to resent the EFG's and its sphere of influence, straining the relationship between the central government and the colonies.

Genre: Anime, Sci-Fi
Year: 1987
Stars: Yoku Shioya,Bin Shimada. Chie Koujiro
Directors: Masami Annou
Country: Japan

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs
  • Gattler's Last Stand

    Episode 1

  • Dooley
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Colt must go up against his former sharpshooting mentor, Tim Dooley, who is believed to be now working for the Outriders.

  • The Hole In The Wall Gang

    Episode 3

    Because of Outrider attacks, Commander Eagle orders the evacuation of the Yuma Dam. Everybody follows the orders, except for the chief engineer, who happens to be one of Fireball's former schoolmates.

  • The All Galaxy Grand Prix

    Episode 4

    Fireball is participating in the All Galaxy Grand Prix, where his main competition is believed to be the famous racer Marco Firenza, who is supposed to retire after this race.

  • Snowblind
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    The Star Sheriffs are enjoying their vacation to a ski resort. There, unbeknown to them, they are being stalked by Jean-Claude, an Outrider who holds a grudge against Colt. Jean-Claude kidnaps April and their friend.

  • Tranquility

    Episode 6

    Colt meets a young school teacher named Robin, who just hates violence. But she soon learns she has no other choice when Outriders attack her little hometown of Tranquility.

  • Bad Day At Dry Gultch

    Episode 7

    Saber Rider meets a young researcher named Lily and starts falling in love with her. Soon, evidence that Lily is an Outrider starts showing up, and Saber Rider doesn't know what more to believe.

  • Snowcone
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    On Planet Laramie, the Star Sheriffs meet a young girl named SnowcoOn Planet Laramie, the Star Sheriffs meet a young girl named Snowcone who sees this as a great chance to live an adventure. She first helps the Star Sheriffs, but then betrays them, and so who sees this as a great chance to ...

  • Sneaky Spies

    Episode 9

    Gerald Wyeth, who works as Control Tower Director on Planet Abileen, has been kidnapped by Outriders and a spy has been put in his place.

  • Stampede
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Outriders have started hunting Wildebeests on Planet Durango. The Star Sheriffs are sent to protect the herds that survived, and Saber Rider manages to jump into the Outrider's dimension, where he comes face to face with Nemesis.

  • The Challenge Pt. 1

    Episode 11

    While on pursuit of an Outrider named Razzle, the Star Sheriffs split up. Fireball goes to Palamino Valley, where he ends up surrounded by Outriders, and falls with his car of a steep cliff.

  • The Challenge Pt. 2

    Episode 12

    Fireball wakes up in the hospital but is not able to remember anything. The other Star Sheriffs try to help him remember by reminiscing some of their most successful missions.

  • Born On The Bayou

    Episode 13

    The Star Sheriffs try to recover the steel blue box of a damaged Outrider ship, to learn its secrets. They are helped by an old man who lives in the bayou of Planet Yuma.

  • April Rides
    Episode 14

    April Rides

    Episode 14

    Jesse Blue lures the Star Sheriffs to the remote planetoid called Granite Flats, by sending them a distress call using the synthesized voice of the captured Commander Eagle.

  • The Walls Of Red Wing

    Episode 15

    The Star Sheriffs, helped by a group of kids and an old lady, try to help Outrider prisoners to escape from the famous Red Wing Prison, where they believe Commander Eagle is also being held.

  • Jesse's Girl

    Episode 16

    Nemesis has put Jesse Blue in charge of a construction facility on New Wichita. There, the Outriders are making slaves of the townspeople, forcing them to build a new type of attack machine called a Range.

  • The Amazing Larzardo

    Episode 17

    The Amazing Lazardo, a traveling magician, has made slaves from the people of a big western city, making them believe he can magically create earthquakes whenever he wants.

  • I Forgot!
    Episode 18

    I Forgot!

    Episode 18

    Nemesis orders two of his best Outrider agents to join Fogarty, a human expert in explosives, to plant a bomb at the setting of the upcoming peace summit conference.

  • Lend Me Your Ears

    Episode 19

    The Outriders have developed a new technology, which they use to take over the Rainbow Planet by secretly planting devices in the ears of its citizens and controlling them.

  • Born To Run!

    Episode 20

    The Star Sheriffs are helped by Mandarin, a female pilot who has a crush on Fireball, in approaching the Outrider's ship where Commander Eagle is being held captive.

  • The Legend Of The Lost World

    Episode 21

    As Cavalry Command prepares to send a rescue mission for Commander Eagle, an Outrider agent infiltrates their base and takes the place of a Cavalry Commander named Ghoul.

  • The Rescue
    Episode 22

    The Rescue

    Episode 22

    The Star Sheriffs manage to rescue Commander Eagle from the Outrider's ship. Little do they know Jesse Blue's plans have just begun.

  • Eagle Has Landed

    Episode 23

    Now rescued, Commander Eagle tries to keep the promise he made to the old monk that helped him and wants to make peace with the Outriders. Nemesis sends Jesse Blue as an ambassador to Planet Yuma.

  • Cease Fire!
    Episode 24

    Cease Fire!

    Episode 24

    A peace treaty is signed between the Outriders and Cavalry Command.