Shinobi Girl

Shinobi Girl

9 Episodes

Noriko fights to save one person at a time and find evidence that will prove her innocence. Can Noriko challenge one of the most powerful and dangerous corporations in the world and survive long enough to prove her innocence and regain her freedom?

Shinobi Girl
  • Some Kind of Super Hero

    Episode 1

    The legend of Shinobi Girl takes root as an avenging angel comes to the aid of the less fortunate.

  • Don't Call Me Shinobi Girl

    Episode 2

    Grueling training may be forgotten as a trap is set.

  • Do Me A Favor and Die

    Episode 3

    A trap is set for Shinobi Girl in an abandoned warehouse where she confronts her two arch-enemies at the same time.

  • We Could Have Been Friends

    Episode 4

    Noriko escapes her abductees and faces a grueling training session at A.J.’s boot camp. Her fighting skills improve immensely after a ghostly visit from her past.

  • A Time To Feast

    Episode 5

    Ms. Brooks hosts an extreme corporate event, while Noriko returns to the City to capture a vile international war criminal on the run.

  • Quoth The Raven

    Episode 6

    After Shinobi Girl brings a fugitive dictator to justice, Detective D’Amato becomes suspicious of Ms. Brooks’ refusal to cooperate in the murder investigation of her husband.

  • Lollipop For A Dead Man

    Episode 7

    Shinobi Girl must track down and stop a psycho copycat killer hired to destroy her public support.

  • Free The People Part One

    Episode 8

    The corporation finds itself under fire as people and events plot to bring it down. Can Shinobi Girl clear her name?

  • Free The People Part Two

    Episode 9

    Video evidence reveals the true identity of Ronald Brooks' killer. Will Shinobi Girl be cleared at last?