Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic

26 Episodes

Aoi Nagisa transfers to one of the three affiliated all-girl Catholic schools on Astraea Hill, St. Miator's Girls' Academy. There, she discovers a community of fellow students entwined in an intricate hierarchy, in which two Etoiles represent the three schools. In order to fit in, Nagisa must go to class, join clubs, and make new friends. Meanwhile, Shizuma Hanazono, the sole Etoile of Astraea Hill, finds herself drawn to this new, exciting transfer student. As Shizuma and Nagisa get to know each other, Shizuma finally decides it is time to face her troubled past.

Genre: Anime-Romance
Year: 2006
Stars: Hitomi Nabatame, Mai Nakahara
Directors: Masayuki Sakoi
Country: Japan

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Strawberry Panic
  • Cherry Blossom Hill

    Episode 1

    Nagisa Aoi transfers to St. Miator Girl's Academy and gets acquainted with the school and fellow students.

  • Etoile
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Tamao invites Nagisa to the Literature Club where she recites a poem she wrote about a rainbow.

  • Attic
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Nagisa is shown around the Strawberry Dorms by Tamao and two of their classmates, during which time Nagisa is surprised by Shizuma yet again, who continues to make advances.

  • The White Horse's Master

    Episode 4

    Hikari recalls being transferred to Spica a year prior and the first time she saw Amane riding her horse, thinking she was like an angel.

  • Younger Sisters

    Episode 5

    Select first years attending Miator become room-temps for older students. One such student, Chiyo, becomes the room-temp for Nagisa and Tamao.

  • Greenhouse

    Episode 6

    Nagisa tries to find a club she would like to join, but she's not interested in any of them.

  • Thorny Trap

    Episode 7

    As Hikari and Amane's relationship progresses, Shion tries to convince Amane to run for the position of Etoile in the next election.

  • Hydrangeas

    Episode 8

    Nagisa offers her favorite umbrella to Kagome but does not give her name. Later, Kagome gets help from Chikaru and her friends, and they start to try and find out who gave Kagome the umbrella.

  • Memories
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    The "Seven Mysteries" of the Strawberry Dorms are mentioned. Nagisa and Tamao start to investigate the first mystery: "The Girl of the Hallway", despite Nagisa's terrible fear of the supernatural.

  • Private Lessons

    Episode 10

    Nagisa starts to prepare for the mid-year exams by getting tutored by Shizuma in French.

  • Meteor Shower

    Episode 11

    Nagisa, accompanied by most of her friends, go on a short trip to the beach during "summer school".

  • Summertime
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    The month-long summer holidays have started, and most of the students residing in the Strawberry Dorms are going home.

  • The Roar of the Waves

    Episode 13

    Hikari finally gets a chance to be on a "date" with Amane.

  • More than Best Friends

    Episode 14

    Yaya's incident with Hikari causes her to fear that she has lost Hikari forever.

  • Heroine
    Episode 15


    Episode 15

  • Behind the Scenes

    Episode 16

    While everyone is still preparing for the show, there seems to be some internal struggling concerning Kaname and Momomi with the others.

  • Secret
    Episode 17


    Episode 17

    While all three schools eagerly await the election of a new Etoile couple, Nagisa learns the truth behind this tradition and receives an unexpected invitation from Shizuma in order to find out more information about Shizuma's late partner—the deceased Etoile.

  • Storm of Love

    Episode 18

    During a rainy night in Shizuma's villa, Nagisa finally learns about Kaori Sakuragi, the Etoile that died.

  • Refrain
    Episode 19


    Episode 19

  • Confession
    Episode 20


    Episode 20

  • Like a Flower

    Episode 21

    With the end of Shizuma's tenure as Etoile approaching, she prepares to abdicate her office.

  • Duel
    Episode 22


    Episode 22

    Preparations for the Etoile election are proceeding along and consuming more of everyone's attention.

  • Maze
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    To counter Amane's plans of attending the Etoile election, Miyuki makes Tamao and Nagisa an offer not to be refused: enter the game together and repeat Miator's victorious history.

  • Wheel of Fate

    Episode 24

    Mane awakens after her accident, but has suffered partial memory loss—and among the lost memories is her relationship with Hikari, which leaves Hikari heartbroken.