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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Little Princess

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation - Divine Wars, Season 1, Episode 17 – 24m

Up Next in Season 1

  • Ryune And The Valsion

    A gravitational anomaly is detected, something similar to what was found in meterorite #3, where technology used to create the super robots and new weaponry was first recognized. The Earth Federation goes on alert.

  • Enter The Hellstar!

    The threat that Dr. Bian Zoldark has talked about comes to pass, as the alien Aerogaters' massive fortress, known as the White Star, appears. The aliens declare war on Planet Earth.

  • Twilight Of The Divine Crusaders

    The remaining elements of the Divine Crusaders led by Adler Kock are trying to take advantage of the Aerogates' attack on the planet. Kock launches an offensive to conquer Geneva, the Federation Army's nerve center.