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Watch this video and more on TOKU


Super Robot Wars: Original Generation - Divine Wars, Season 1, Episode 21 – 24m

Up Next in Season 1

  • The Muzzle Of Betrayal

    The vessels attempt to combine for greater superiority in battle, and disaster ensues. A traitor is revealed, as several heroes fall or go missing. Things can't get much worse.

  • The Day Of Parting

    Aerogater forces lay siege to citites all over the world as humanity's forces gather to defend the planet. The Earth forces ready themselves, but they don't stand much of a chance, with their mecha locked up and their pilots detained.

  • Gathering Power

    The Earth Dederation Army and the United Colony Corps go into full-scale war mode aainst the alien Aerogaters. The decisive battle with the Aerogaters has begun, and a warrior comes into his own.