The Shaolin Warriors

The Shaolin Warriors

34 Episodes

The story is set in the Ming Dynasty during the reign of the Jiajing Emperor. General Qi Jiguang enlists the help of Shaolin Monastery's warrior monks to defend China from the wokou (Japanese pirates) and other invaders.

Genre: Action
Stars: Sammo Hung, Cui Lin
Directors: Raymond Lee
Country: China
Year: 2008

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The Shaolin Warriors
  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 01

    Episode 1

    Several itinerant monks passed by Mei-jia village that was ransacked by pirates, they found and picked up the survivor called Xiaoshun.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 02

    Episode 2

    Court officers who advocated peace prevailed, and they prepared to hold a Sacrifice Sea Ceremony for lifting the sea ban. Abbot Xiaoshan was invited to attend the ceremony, Yuemin made use of this chance to go back his hometown in Huizhou.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 03

    Episode 3

    At the beginning of ceremony, some assassins suddenly popped up and caused chaos. Shouze got injured in this ceremony. Yuekong helped her heal the wounds.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 04

    Episode 4

    During the way to Shaolin temple, Feng Yu took care of Shouze, but Shouze didn’t appreciate him. Instead, Shouze was into Yuekong since last time Yuekon healed her wounds.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 05

    Episode 5

    Through general Qi’s assault, they found that official soldiers of Jiejiang were powerless. Qi Jiguang wanted to raise a new army, but general Yu didn’t have enough military expenditure.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 06

    Episode 6

    Under the cliff was a deep lake, Yuekon, as a monk, had to save Shouze. When Yuekon and Shouze climbed out of the lake, they saw Feng Yu furious and tried to kill Yuekon. Until Big Foot Monk used his subdue demons sticks, Feng Yu stopped his action.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 07

    Episode 7

    General Yu led Yuekong and Yuemin to Qi Jiguang’s military camp. Soldiers urged Yuemin and Qi Jiguang to have a competition. Yuemin’s fist and skill was stronger than Qi Jiguang, but he was too kind to avoid Qi Jiguang’s attack.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 08

    Episode 8

    There were conflicts between Yuemin and Qi Jiguang. To avenge, Yuemin released Qi’s war horses and caused chaos. Qi Jiguang decided to behead Yuemin, but general Yu tried to persuade Qi Jiguang releasing Yuemin.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 09

    Episode 9

    Soldiers started to run away because soldiers’ pay and food were confiscated by Wanbiao. Qi Jiguang was quite angry but couldn’t do anything. General Yu diverted soldiers’ pay and food from other places and temporarily solved the problem.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 10

    Episode 10

    Li Ruolan handed Qi’s military plan to pirates, and then pirates attacked Ningbo right away. Meanwhile, Yuemin received his parents’ news, he left for there at once. However, he got expelled by his father after he saw his parents.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 11

    Episode 11

    Wanbiao caught up Qi Jiguang by an excuse of his losing battle. Yuemin felt devastated and went to one heart inn again. Li Ruolan helped Yuemin rebuild his confidence. To save Qi Jiguang, general Yu offended Wanbiao.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 12

    Episode 12

    Qi Jiguang met Japanese envoy in one heart inn, so Qi couldn’t help but suspect Haiqing. Haiqing felt wronged and agreed to help Qi find out the spy. Unexpectedly, she found out the spy was Li Ruolan.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 13

    Episode 13

    Haiqing told Qi Jiguang all the things about Li Ruolan. Qi Jiguang found out some news about Li Ruolan’s father Li Zhongchen. Fifteen years ago, Li Zhongchen disappeared with money which was used for against pirates. After investigation, Qi Jiguang found some evidences to prove that his father wa...

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 14

    Episode 14

    Shouze’s father was feudal lord in Japan. Feng Yu accompanied Shouze to Ming was not only protect her but complete the orders of Shouze’s father. The Ming dynasty could help Shouze’s father unite Japan, and he could help the Ming dynasty solve the pirates’ crisis.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 15

    Episode 15

    Wang Zhi made a chain strategy that he leaked Miyamoto’s news to officer Wanbiao. The news was Miyamoto was preparing to attack Huizhou. Wanbiao led Qi Jiguang, Yuemin and Yuekong to ambush.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 16

    Episode 16

    Mao Haifeng brought Li Ruolan to Liebiao Mountain. Li Ruolan saw his father, but his father refused to admit Ruolan was his daughter. On Liebiao Mountain, there was a new head of pirate “Sasaki”, who replaced the dead Miyamoto.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 17

    Episode 17

    Qi Jiguang lacked of an accurate sail map, so he decided to survey in person. Mao Haifeng set up a trap. He let Li Ruolan escape Liebiao Mountain with her father. Then Haifeng stalked on them and tried to uncover his secrets.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 18

    Episode 18

    As Li Ruolan had contradictory feelings and met dilemma, Yuemin helped her gain confidence. Then Li Ruolan stayed up late for drawing the sail map and gave it to Qi Jiguang. With Li Ruolan’s help, Qi Jiguang made a plan and quickly launched a sea war.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 19

    Episode 19

    Haiqing heard that her brother had died in this sea war. She was angry and rushed into Qi’s military camp. She desired to kill Qi, but Qi explained to her that she should blame on pirates not him.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 20

    Episode 20

    During recuperation, Big Foot Monk persuaded Yuemin to do Zen meditation, but Yuemin didn’t have any interest. He just wanted to enjoy every moment that Li Ruolan looked after him.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 21

    Episode 21

    Without military budget, Li Ruolan and Yuemin decided to raise funds and helped Qi Jiguang build the Navy. Yuemin asked for Wang Zhi’s help and Wang Zhi agreed.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 22

    Episode 22

    Suffering from distress, Yuemin admitted the truth. Wang Zhi was so happy and he brought Yuemin back to his home in Huizhou. Yuemin felt the warmth of family after many years. Hu Zhongxian was assigned as the new governor in Jiejiang.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 23

    Episode 23

    The Big Foot Monk fell into the trap, and got hit by Sasaki and Feng Yu. And died of Wang Zhi’s fatal thorn. Yuemin never thought that his birth father would make use of him to stab his master who brought up him for fifteen years.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 24

    Episode 24

    Li Ruolan woke up Yuemin, but Yuemin wanted to be alone. Qi Jiguang ordered Yuekong to protect Hu Zhongxian secretly, but Yuekong tried to kill Wang Zhi by this chance.