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The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 05

Season 1, Episode 5 • 45m

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  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 06

    Under the cliff was a deep lake, Yuekon, as a monk, had to save Shouze. When Yuekon and Shouze climbed out of the lake, they saw Feng Yu furious and tried to kill Yuekon. Until Big Foot Monk used his subdue demons sticks, Feng Yu stopped his action.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 07

    General Yu led Yuekong and Yuemin to Qi Jiguang’s military camp. Soldiers urged Yuemin and Qi Jiguang to have a competition. Yuemin’s fist and skill was stronger than Qi Jiguang, but he was too kind to avoid Qi Jiguang’s attack.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 08

    There were conflicts between Yuemin and Qi Jiguang. To avenge, Yuemin released Qi’s war horses and caused chaos. Qi Jiguang decided to behead Yuemin, but general Yu tried to persuade Qi Jiguang releasing Yuemin.