The Shaolin Warriors

The Shaolin Warriors

34 Episodes

The story is set in the Ming Dynasty during the reign of the Jiajing Emperor. General Qi Jiguang enlists the help of Shaolin Monastery's warrior monks to defend China from the wokou (Japanese pirates) and other invaders.

Genre: Action
Stars: Sammo Hung, Cui Lin
Directors: Raymond Lee
Country: China
Year: 2008

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The Shaolin Warriors
  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 25

    Episode 1

    Yuekong looked for Feng Yu everywhere, but he didn’t find out. Then he discovered a heroine in black. The heroine aimed to kill pirates. Yuekong stalked on the heroine and found that Haiqing was the heroine.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 26

    Episode 2

    The pirates launched an attack in Ningbo again, but no one led Shaolin warriors. Qi Jiguang wanted Yuekong to come back. Yuekong turned down Qi’s invitation, he waited for a good opportunity to kill Feng Yu.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 27

    Episode 3

    Yuekong found Yuemin and beat him. Even he might kill Yuemin. Yuekong stopped his beating because he knew that it wasn’t Yuemin’s fault. Wang Zhi was Yuemin’s father.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 28

    Episode 4

    Li Ruolan planned to kill Yuemin, so she prepared a long spike. The wedding of Yuemin and Li Ruolan was on going, Ruolan had prepared to kill Yuemin in the room.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 29

    Episode 5

    Yuemin knew that Mao Haifeng kept watching on him, so he pretended to rape Li Ruolan. He took the opportunity to tell Ruolan saving her was his goal. Ruolan finally understood him.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 30

    Episode 6

    Qi Jiguang found Haiqing and confessed his love for her, but Haiquing didn’t accept it.Yuemin finally got a chance to take Li Zhongchen away from Liebiao Mountain. He wasn’t aware that Feng Yu kept watching on him.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 31

    Episode 7

    As the coming of Moon Festival, Qi Jiguang kept some elderly and sick people in the military camp. He brought a troop of soldiers secretly attack enemy at night.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 32

    Episode 8

    Yuemin kneeled down in front of the Abbot Xiaoshan, and asked for getting ordained.At the same time, Li Ruolan tried hard to stop Yuemin, but failed. Yuemin had already made up his mind.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 33

    Episode 9

    As Feng Yu tried to hit Qi Jiguang, he saw Shouze on the battle field. Shouze still love Yuekong. It occurred to him that the most important thing in his life was nothing but love.

  • The Shaolin Warriors - Episode 34

    Episode 10

    The troop of pirates fought with Qi Jiguang’s soldiers. Both general Yu and Hu Zhongxian joined the war. Finally, Yuekong and thirty Shaolin warriors finished the task. They not only destroyed pirates’ battery but forts.