Ultraman Max

Ultraman Max

39 Episodes

A strange visitor from space notices Toma's bravery when the young man risks his own life to help save a lost little boy from danger. The alien gives Toma the power to become the mighty superhero Ultraman Max, a towering red and silver giant 40 meters tall. When two gigantic monsters threaten the world, Toma uses his new powers to destroy them.

Genre: Tokusatsu
Year: 2005
Stars: Sota Aoyama, Kai Shishido, Hitomi Hasebe, Hikari Misushima, Susumu Kurobe
Directors: Shusuke Kaneko
Country: Japan

Ultraman Max
  • Ultraman Max Arrives!

    Episode 1

    A volcano erupts, and the area is evacuated. Nobody except one boy knows a monster is hiding in the mountainside. Kaito, a volunteer, accidentally gains a new power, while another threat is discovered. Who is the giant?

  • The Girl Who Keeps A Monster

    Episode 2

    A monster appears and vanishes briefly at night, but no trace of it can be found later. A lonely woman, however, has a very strange pet.

  • Proof of a Brave Man

    Episode 3

    Ultraman Max is regarded with some suspicion. Kaito is determined to prove the ultra when he finds he can't transform. What is the problem?

  • Infinite Invaders

    Episode 4

    A mysterious signal picks up, as an alien murders several humans. Will DASH be able to apprehend it, and what are its goals?

  • Monster Island Appears!

    Episode 5

    A mysterious island appears in the Pacific, and on it are strange stones and monsters. What secrets does it hold?

  • 5 Seconds Before Bombing

    Episode 6

    Red King rampages, while DASH must keep the island from colliding from Japan. Their plan is desperate and makes the situation much more urgent.

  • The Star Destroyer

    Episode 7

    DASH investigates a wormhole landing, while Mizuki meets up with a strange man. His goals, however, are unknown, and he is bleeding green blood.

  • DASH Annihilated!?

    Episode 8

    A meteorite lands and life signals are found inside it. Nobody can seem to catch the alien as it drains people's life energy. Max is the only one left to stop it.

  • The Dragon's Lover

    Episode 9

    A mysterious creature is sighted in a lake with a legend of a dragon. DASH investigates, but it turns out to be a fraud. And yet, Kaito is not sure.

  • Young DASH

    Episode 10

    DASH is holding its kids tour, when a monster with the ability to teleport randomly appears. One child seems to know its secret.

  • Prophecy of Baradhi

    Episode 11

    A seemingly invincible monster arrives, predicted by an ancient prophecy. The prophecy, however, may hold the key to its defeat.

  • Pursuit at Supersonic Speed

    Episode 12

    The Bad Scanners release an album, which a monster targets. Max is unable to defeat the new monster, but DASH has a plan.

  • Zetton's Daughter

    Episode 13

    Natsumi Oda visits the base with a message from Alien Zetto, whom she claims is her father. The message: that the Zetton monster will kill Max!

  • Love and King Joe

    Episode 14

    Four space fighters have landed on earth, and a man finds his robot completed. Meanwhile, Alien Zetton has been visiting his daughter.

  • Miracle of the Third Planet

    Episode 15

    From a harmless blob is released a kaiju like no other: one that hurls back what it attacked with as a new power. Max is no match, but a little girl may hold the key to the earth's safety.

  • Who am I?

    Episode 16

    From three meteorites have come monsters, sucking people's memories in electromagnetic ways. Even Max falls prey.

  • Ice Beauty

    Episode 17

    A human-like being is found in a crevice, but from 100,000 years ago. What is the mystery behind her?

  • Bright World

    Episode 18

    Earth suddenly has two suns, and it's never night. What is the Alien Shamer's scheme?

  • Person Coming from the Door

    Episode 19

    Max dreams about an ancient encounter with an alien. Meanwhile, Yoshinaga is called because some excavators have discovered what seems to be an ancient puzzle.

  • Drifting Monster

    Episode 20

    An aerial monster appears from hyperspace. DASH needs to keep it from crashing down on the city.

  • Challenge from Underground

    Episode 21

    Strange monsters, identified as Gomorasaurases, are spotted. A female reporter believes they are smuggled in by an organization developing bioweapons. She leads DASH to where she believes a monster nest is.

  • Butterfly Dream

    Episode 22

    Kaito meets a writer and a mysterious woman. But what is a dream, and what is reality?

  • Youth Again

    Episode 23

    Kaito goes along with Tomioka inspect UDF Base Poseidon. There, the Chief reunites with old friends, but is interrupted by a monster.

  • The Untargeted Town

    Episode 24

    People start suddenly becoming violent for brief periods of time, to a mysterious cause. Could an alien be behind it?