Ultraman Max

Ultraman Max

39 Episodes

A strange visitor from space notices Toma's bravery when the young man risks his own life to help save a lost little boy from danger. The alien gives Toma the power to become the mighty superhero Ultraman Max, a towering red and silver giant 40 meters tall. When two gigantic monsters threaten the world, Toma uses his new powers to destroy them.

Genre: Tokusatsu
Year: 2005
Stars: Sota Aoyama, Kai Shishido, Hitomi Hasebe, Hikari Misushima, Susumu Kurobe
Directors: Shusuke Kaneko
Country: Japan

Ultraman Max
  • A Distant Friend

    Episode 1

    An alien named Kiif comes to Earth. The young boy Kakeru encourages him to stay and live as a human.

  • Elly of Christmas

    Episode 2

    Elly gets involved with Dr. Kori, who is trying to trap the mysterious Unizin.

  • The Taken Max Spark

    Episode 3

    Police find an unconscious man near a larval Eleking. DASH must find and destroy the other larval Elekings before they become monsters.

  • Attack of the Evil

    Episode 4

    A terrible alien, Luganoger, attacks an earth like planet and exterminates all its inhabitants but one. She flees to Eart, but the monster follows, and Max must stop it.

  • Why Monsters Appear

    Episode 5

    Why do monsters mainly appear in Japan? As a panel discusses this on a TV show, a monster heads for the studio.

  • Courage Is from the Heart

    Episode 6

    Kaito wonders why Max chose him. Meanwhile, DASH discovers a mysterious Grangon corpse.

  • Burn! Earth!!

    Episode 7

    An alien attacks and infects the city, including DASH, with a virus.

  • Elly Destruction Directive

    Episode 8

    Elly is hacked and Base Titan shut down. Koba sets out in pursuit, but Elly may be used as a weapon.

  • Welcome! To the Earth: Part 1

    Episode 9

    A tiny alien has appeared on earth. Nobody believes her existence. Can she avert a great crisis?

  • Welcome! To the Earth: Part 2

    Episode 10

    Ultraman Max is lost. Tsutomu desperately tries to bring Tiny Baltan to DASH.

  • Adam and Eve of M32 Nebula

    Episode 11

    Monster refugees arrive from a recently destroyed planet in Nebula M32, and some kids take the young in.

  • Alternate Dimension World

    Episode 12

    Dr. Yotsuya's experiments seem to have summoned Pigmon and Subject Phantom. What is Dr. Yotsuya's true goal?

  • Constellation Thief

    Episode 13

    A light-hating monster appears, while a mysterious man tells Mizuki she is descended from aliens who came to earth long ago.

  • Prelude to Ground Annihilation

    Episode 14

    Max warns Kaito that he must leave Earth for Nebula M78 soon. Delos threatens to destroy all DASH bases unless humans give up on their civilization.

  • Hold On To! Future

    Episode 15

    Max runs out of energy completely while battling Delos. DASH must find a way to restore Max's energy if humanity is to be saved.