Ultraman Mebius: Side Story

Ultraman Mebius: Side Story

3 Seasons

The continued adventures of Ultraman Mebius. Featuring "Armored Darkenss", "Ghost Reverse", and "Hikari Saga".

Genre: Tokusatsu, Science Fiction
Year: 2006
Stars: Various
Directors: Various
Country: Japan

Ultraman Mebius: Side Story
  • Ghost Rebirth Stage 1

    Episode 1

    In the Land of Light, the Ultra Brothers received the interrupted Ultra Sign sent by Hikari, which came from the Monster Graveyard. Obtaining Zoffy's approval, Ace and Taro departed to investigate the matter while Mebius, on his routine patrol, was quickly notified by Zoffy to join the investigat...

  • Ghost Rebirth Stage 2

    Episode 2

    Continuing where the previous story left, Mechazam proceeded to attack EX Zetton in mad fury but almost perished in the molten lava until Mebius saved him, despite being heavily injured by EX Zetton. Being thrown to the Battle Nizer, Mechazam tried to break the seal under Mebius' guidance to reve...