Ultraman Nexus

Ultraman Nexus

37 Episodes

The TLT is a covert international anti-monster unit established secretly to combat Space Beasts, mysterious monsters that are out to attack humans in the year 2009. One of the TLT's new recruits, Komon Kazuki, is attacked by one of them prior to reporting for duty. However, he is saved by a silver giant that he names "Ultraman". What no one knows is that the silver giant is an Ultraman—to be precise, Ultraman Nexus, ready to fight the Space Beasts to save the Earth.

Genre: Tokusatsu, Sci-Fi
Year: 2005
Stars: Takuji Kawakubo, Yusuki Kirishima
Directors: Kazuya Konaka
Country: Japan

Ultraman Nexus
  • Night Raid

    Episode 1

    In the not so distant future, alien creatures kown as Space Beast are threatening humanity. An organization, TLT, was formed to combat the Beast threatening humanity.

  • Space Beast

    Episode 2

    Kazuki Komon is now a member of the Night Raiders, who deal with the threat of the extraterrestrial Space Beasts.

  • Ultraman

    Episode 3

    The Beast have taken hostages. As the Night Raiders plan a response, the silver giant appears again!

  • Meta Field

    Episode 4

    The Beast are back, and deadlier than ever. The Night Raiders are dispatched to clear out a tunnel that has been occupied by the menace.

  • Dunamist

    Episode 5

    A freelance journalist appears before Himeya, intent on finding out the truth.

  • Relic

    Episode 6

    Komon is searching for the man that he thinks is Ultraman's secret identity.

  • Faust

    Episode 7

    A new beast appears at an abandoned factory, and when the Night Raiders arrive, Komon finds a lost girl.

  • Memory Police

    Episode 8

    Thanks to Komon and Himeya, Rina has survived. But Komon is held responsible for disobeying orders.

  • Warning

    Episode 9

    Komon is distraught with TLT choosing to prioritize Beast extermination and memory erasure over the protection of civilians.

  • Strike Formation

    Episode 10

    Komon and Nagi's jet crashes into the mountains, where they find Riko.

  • Marionette

    Episode 11

    Komon gets closer to Riko, and decides to keep fighting for her sake.

  • Lost Soul

    Episode 12

    Nagi finally encounters Mizorogi, an ex-Night Raider that shares a history with her.

  • Illustrator

    Episode 13

    Reeling from loss, Komon is ordered to take some personal time.

  • Mephisto

    Episode 14

    Komon is depressed after learning the truth, and Mizorogi only has more torment in store for him.

  • Nightmare

    Episode 15

    Komon attacks a Beast that has taken a girl hostage.

  • Labyrinth

    Episode 16

    After letting a Beast escape, the subject of kicking Komon out of the Night Raiders is broached.

  • Darkness

    Episode 17

    As soon as Komon make up his mind about fighting against the Beasts, he's attacked by someone that's under their control.

  • Apocalypse

    Episode 18

    Nagi is missing, and could be subject to memory erasure if she is declared AWOL.

  • Cross Phase Trap

    Episode 19

    A new Beast appears with the ability phase in and out of existence, rendering Ultraman's attacks useless.

  • Chrome Chester Delta

    Episode 20

    Things are getting desperate for TLT and the Night Raiders. Himeya is injured to the point where another battle could mean his permanent demise.

  • Sacrifice

    Episode 21

    On the ropes after their battles with Golgolem, TLT takes the injured Himeya into custody.

  • Cure
    Episode 22


    Episode 22

    Himeya survives the dangerous tests, but ultimately is confronted with the fact that his body cannot withstand transforming again.

  • Satisfaction

    Episode 23

    Himeya turns into Ultraman, despire the fatal risk is poses.

  • Hero
    Episode 24


    Episode 24

    Ultraman is defeated and captured.