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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Cleanup of the Heart

Season 1, Episode 13 • 24m

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  • Justice Out of Control

    The SSP help out a group of workers who are working on springs that are used to build the VTL's machinery, when suddenly an enormous robotic dragon appears from a portal in the sky. The SSP name it Galactron. It awakens and brings mass destruction, claiming that its purpose is for justice for the...

  • Never Say Never

    Gai is unable to stop Galactron and save Naomi. In order to finally stop Galactron's rampage, he makes the decision to use Thunder Breastar again, but at what cost?

  • An Unforgettable Place

    Gai feels guilty for almost killng Naomi, and his confidence as a Ultra warrior is ruined. Juggler, taking advantage of this, creates an even stronger threat. Gai cannot win without Thunder Breastar's power, but will he really use its dark power again?