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Watch this video and more on TOKU

A Future Shrouded in Fog

Season 1, Episode 7 • 24m

Up Next in Season 1

  • The Impostor Blues

    Don Nostra of the Planet Invasion Union sends Alien Babarue to earth, with the plan the humans' trust by disguising as Ultraman Orb and destroying buildings, but their plan is ruined when a monster interrupts them, making the Fake Orb defeat the monster, and things go more arwy as Jetta finds him...

  • The Urban Merman

    All the fish in the area are sold out and the SSP speculate there is a creature eating all of the fish. Meanwhile, a man hides two Ragon in his shop and protects them from the public.

  • Juggler Dies!

    In exchange for Don Nostra's prized possession, the rare Ultraman Belial card, Juggler makes his last offer to defeat Ultraman Orb. However, he double-crosses Juggler and sends Alien Nackle to kill him.