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Voice from the Starry Sky

Season 1, Episode 1 • 24m

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  • Lots of Possibilities

    After several middle school students take a tour inside the Operation Base X, Daichi learns of Ultraman X's past being trapped in the form of computer data and swears to help him return to his physical body. 

  • The Song That Calls the Night

    A series of earthquakes are reported at Area T-7B. As Asuna and Daichi investigate in the subway, they meet a strange woman. She summons Telesdon until Daichi and Asuna manage to scare it off. 

  • All For One

    Hayato and Wataru's rivalry for each other turns from bad to worse over time. During their lunch break, Alien Zarab reveals himself and launches Bemstar to wreak havoc in the city as Earth becomes his new target. Xio members deploy and Asuna attacks Bemstar, Daichi scans the monster, and Wataru a...