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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Up Next in Season 1

  • Aegis, Time to Shine

    While Xio members are on their way to a test site to turn monsters into Spark Dolls, Black King attacks them while Alien Nackle Bandero tries to steal the Spark Dolls. Ultraman X appears but is weakened by both the monster and alien until Ultraman Zero appears to assist Ultraman X. 

  • The Man With the Star's Memories

    A young stranger, whom appears to be an Alien Gold has been sighted wandering around a park by two schoolgirls, with one of them was rescued by him from several bullies sometime ago. The alien was tormented by several youngsters and tries to activate Rudian, provoking Xio to take action. Daichi r...

  • An Oath That Surpassed the Stars

    As Xio, Ultraman X and Rudian fight Gargorgon, the monster attacks Rudian but X sacrifices himself to protect him and tE-rU, thus the Ultra was petrified. On space, Gargorgon demanded Earth to surrender tE-rU in 44 minutes or else all lifeforms will be petrified.