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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Encounter and Friends

Season 1, Episode 8 • 24m

Up Next in Season 1

  • The Targeted X

    After Ultraman X and Xio were unable to defeat Zetton, Dr. Kaito Touma visits them and gives them a Zetton Spark Doll to help with the creation of a new armor. As X used it in the battle, however it rendered him immobile as another Touma Kaito appears and unmasks the impostor as Alien Sran Quila,...

  • We are Nebula!

    After a humiliating defeat, Isamu (the younger brother of Wataru Kazama) quits rugby and stumbles upon the Nebula House, a rent house, where its residents invited him as their newest housemate/co-tenant. Isamu soon learns that they are aliens in disguise, but decided not to further report at Xio,...

  • Monster Is Not Moving

    The peaceful monster Houlinga appears and becomes the Sakane village's centrepiece in tourism. One month later, the mayor requests Xio to cure the monster after it was found suffering from malnutrition but as they injected it with a cure, the monster rampages.