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Watch this video and more on TOKU

Up Next in Season 1

  • Destination of the Rainbow

    Another breed of Demaaga was awakened and attacked Umezawa city, the same spot its previous brethren went to. Ultraman X tried to attack the monster but a strange Dark Thunder Energy struck them as Demaaga transformed into Tsurugi Demaaga and pummels X into submission. 

  • The Sword of Victory

    Mold Spectre kidnaps Show/Ultraman Victory and Arisa (accidentally) to Ultraman X's world as Guar Army's prisoner due to being the murderer of his brother, Juda Spectre. Fortunately, thanks to Arisa, she managed to gain help in the form of UPG, as well as Ultraman X with Show escaped custody and ...

  • The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It

    With Ginga assisting the Ultramen, Guar Army was forced to retreat and their space distortion was sealed. Hikaru, Ginga's host introduced himself to Xio and Daichi as well as telling the boy of several peaceful monsters which made his dream to befriend monsters even closer.