Ultraseven X

Ultraseven X

12 Episodes

Awoken from a fevered dream, a young man can barely recognize himself. A mysterious woman hands him a spectacles-shaped item, and she says hold the key to tremendous power and tells him it is his duty to save the world. Before asking any more, he and the woman are torn apart by a violent explosion. Soon he is contacted by a secret organization named DEUS. He is told he is Agent Jin and that his job is to rid this world of vicious alien invaders.

Genre: Tokusatsu, Sci-Fi
Year: 2007
Stars: Eriku Yoza, Saki Kagami
Directors: Various
Country: Japan

Ultraseven X
  • Dreams

    Episode 1

    In a futuristic Tokyo, a young man awakens to find himself with no memories of his past. Behind him, a mysterious young woman named Elea appears. Handing him a pair of red glasses, she asks him to save the world! 

  • Code Name R

    Episode 2

    Three nights earlier, Jin encountered a mysterious man at a club, who informed him a boat would be arriving on the same night the UFO abduction took place. Upon reading the taxi driver’s statement, Jin decides to pursue the man.

  • Hopeless

    Episode 3

    Jin is approached in the park by a man offering work, which could make him a large amount of money in a short amount of time. While Jin declines the offer, the man leaves him his business card reading his name, “Tamaru”. 

  • Diamond S

    Episode 4

    Throughout the city, bodies are being discovered which have been transformed into mummies. DEUS order Agents Jin and K to investigate the phenomenon with Agent S, who has already discovered a common link between the victims.

  • Peace Maker

    Episode 5

    Jin and K are ordered to investigate an alien crash site, but suspect that the survivor fled the scene. From the blood left at the crash site, Agent S determines the survivor as a known alien species who have been taken refuge on Earth after their homeworld was invaded by the ferocious Vo-Da aliens.

  • Traveler

    Episode 6

    Jin, K and S are ordered to investigate a UFO crash site, but discover no wreckage. Soon after, people around the city are encountering a strange entity, which they have nicknamed the “Soul of Light”.

  • Your Song

    Episode 7

    As Agent K investigates the appearance of a UFO in the sky, he is confronted by an army of aliens, the Vairo, who emit a deadly high-pitched scream.

  • Blood Message

    Episode 8

    Every night during a thunderstorm the phantom serial killer attacks, and it leaves behind a message written in blood: “Not Man”.

  • Red Moon

    Episode 9

    Peering through a pair of binoculars he discovers on a swing, Jin sees the moon turn red, and the hand of a strange creature. The agents are informed a woman in white will be targeted. Following her screams, K finds the woman confronted by a strange creature, who mutters the name “Mahiru” before ...

  • Memories

    Episode 10

    A news report states that Lake Nousu has dried up after a meteor impact, and a search is on for a man in the area who many by contaminated by radiation.

  • Aqua Project

    Episode 11

    Jin is cross-examined by DEUS for trespassing an intelligence facility and aiding in Elea’s escape. Determined to discover the truth, Jin realizes he needs information from Elea.

  • New World

    Episode 12

    Elea revealed the purpose of the Aqua Project was to secure a new energy source, but in the midst of the experiment a strange phenomenon occurred, and a gate to another world was opened.